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BCI Services Overview

General Construction
BCI’s depth of talent and resources spans the full spectrum of general construction services. With our experienced staff, stable labor force, and extensive inventory of machinery and equipment, BCI is able to deliver on a wide variety of projects, on-time and often ahead of schedule.

Construction Management
Our knowledgeable BCI staff is intimately familiar with the managerial and operational steps of project execution and control. We focus on budget control, strict scheduling, and quality of workmanship throughout the life cycle of the project.

Design / Build
BCI is able to offer a unified flow of work from initial concept through project completion by integrating our extensive knowledge of construction practices. By developing a balance between aesthetic design and fiscally responsible choices, we minimize risk to the owner and shorten the delivery schedule.

Safety: Our Top Priority!

Safety is top priority at BCI, consistently earning us the Associated General Contractors of New York State Award for Safety Excellence. Our strict safety program, low EMR, and low incident rate have not only earned us this coveted award, but more importantly, they have also kept the highly skilled workers on the BCI team safe and secure.

BCI’s Insurance and Risk Management program includes a comprehensive Property and Casualty Insurance Program. BCI is Bonded and Insured by nationally known Insurance and Surety entities that are acknowledged leaders in the field of construction insurance.

services-risk-managementRisk Management
Based on an unwavering commitment to loss prevention and safety, the success of our philosophy can be seen in the positive track record of our Experience Modification Rating (EMR). For the past 12 years, BCI has maintained a below average EMR of less than 1.0.